Sonnar 4.0/150mm EL with hood for 6000 system

Price: € 625,00 each Brand: RolleiRollei

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sonnar-4-0-150mm-el-with-hood-for-6000-system-5780a sonnar-4-0-150mm-el-with-hood-for-6000-system-5780b sonnar-4-0-150mm-el-with-hood-for-6000-system-5780c sonnar-4-0-150mm-el-with-hood-for-6000-system-5780d sonnar-4-0-150mm-el-with-hood-for-6000-system-5780e sonnar-4-0-150mm-el-with-hood-for-6000-system-5780f sonnar-4-0-150mm-el-with-hood-for-6000-system-5780g sonnar-4-0-150mm-el-with-hood-for-6000-system-5780h

This beautiful Sonnar 4.0/150mm EL lens for the Rolleiflex 6000 system is in the best possible condition. 
Optically and mechanically it is therefor as new.
It comes with both lens caps and the hood 96741. In maker's box with all the warranty card.