Leica equipment

Image Product Price
Leica M6 Titanium with .72 viewfinder (as new) Price: € 3.750,00 each
Leica M6 Titanium with .72 viewfinder + Su8mmilux 1.4/35mm Titanium  Price upon Request 
Zeiss Ikon rangefinder ZM in silver (new old stock) Price: € 2.950,00 each
Leica M5 black chrome in perfect condition Price: € 2.650,00 each
Leica M3 double stroke in fabulous condition Price: € 1.895,00 each
Leica M3 double stroke in fabulous condition with Elmar 2.8/50mm Price: € 1.950,00 each
Leica M4-2 met5 Leica motor Price: € 1.375,00 each
Unused Leica CL Price: € 825,00 each
Leica Noctilux-M 0.95/50mm Aspherical in black 11602  Price upon Request 
Leica Apo-Summicron-M 2.0/50mm ASPH 11141  Price upon Request 
Leica Summilux-M 1.4/24mm ASPH 11601  Price upon Request 
Leica Super-Elmar-M 3.4/21mm Aspherical 11145 (new) Price: € 2.350,00 each
Contarex Biogon 4.5/21mm for Leica M Price: € 995,00 each
Leica Summilux M 1.4/35mm pre aspherical Titanium (as new) Price: € 3.750,00 each
Summicron M 2.0/35mm version 3 Price: € 1.795,00 each
Leitz Summaron M 2.8/35mm with goggles Price: € 995,00 each
Leica Summarit-M 2.5/35mm 11643 (new) Price: € 1.225,00 each
Leitz Summaron 3.5/35mm with goggles in pristine condition Price: € 525,00 each
Leica Summicron 2.0/50mm screw mount silver chrome type 1999 (rare and as new) Price: € 3.250,00 each
Leitz Summicron M 2.0/50mm close focus with goggles (Mint) Price: € 1.795,00 each
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