Cookies and comparable techniques we employ:

When your web browser allows it, cookies will be stored on your device when you visit our website.

Different types of cookies are used:

  • We use functional, session and related cookies to maintain your data during a single visit. The collected information is generally removed when you close your browser.
  • When you make use of our web shop then some basic web shop related information is stored in cookies that may exist until your next visit.
    All entered account and address data is stored in our database to allow us to handle your purchases.
  • We use tracking cookies to find out how you use our website, so we can improve your experience.
    No personal data is collected.
  • When you use the embedded location map or when you reach our website through the result page of a Search Engine, then these external parties may store cookies and/or collect data from your computer.
    This is out of our control.

If you prefer no cookies from our website to remain on your system, then you can turn off the storage of cookies or switch to the privacy mode of your browser.

If you do not want search engines and other parties to collect data from your computer we suggest you use a tracking and ad-blocker in your browser.
“Ghostery” and “Adblock-Plus” are decent products that are capable of blocking most trackers and ad servers. They can be downloaded for free from the websites of their respective owners.

Much information about internet safety and privacy can be found here: