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Centraal Gelderland 09132530
Theo de Wit
Alexander Verhuellstraat 6
6717 JB Ede
The Netherlands
+31 318 479103
+31 651492821
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Miscellaneous Information:

The company Collectcamera is active since the beginning of the year 2000. The business has developed in a much more positive way than I have ever expected. The company is situated in the Netherlands.

My name is Theo J. de Wit. I am the owner of Collectcamera. In a previous life I worked as a financial manager in the telecom sector. I am happy to say that since then I made my hobby into a profession.

My personal address is identical to the company address. On the map you will find the city of Ede near the city of Arnhem  in the central part of the Netherlands. If you happen to be in the neighbourhood, you are welcome to visit me at my home address. I am a member of the Dutch Photohistoric Society and member of the Leica Historica in Germany.

I buy and sell photographic equipment from and to users as well as collectors. I specialize in Leica and Rollei twin-eye photo equipment. I always try to describe the goods as accurately as possible, using representative pictures. If the buyer finds differently, I will have the problem fixed at my own expense or I will refund the money fully after having received the item back, if quick repair is not possible ( check out the webpage information ).

I am a professional trader through the Internet and through photo shows in Europe (mostly Germany, France, England  and Belgium).