Various antique brass lens collection

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This collection consists of the following:

• Emil Wunsche Rectilineaire Extra Rapide No 1: Aperture ring stiff but working. Aperture blades some wear. Lens elements are fairly clean considering it's age. Some haze, dust and micro scratches. Including ring to mount onto lens board. 5 centimeter high.

• Yabsley Bath 7x5 wide angle Rectilinear: Rotating aperture ring in working order. Lens elements are fairly clean considering it's age. Some slight haze, dust, micro scratches. The hood is removable. 5 centimeter high.

• C.P. Goerz Berlin Doppel Anastigmat Serie III No2: Aperture blades are missing, but aperture ring is still moving. Optics are fairly clean considering it's age. Some dust, light haze and micro scratches. The lens is 4 centimeter in length.

• R.O.J.A vorm. Emil Busch Rathenow. Aperture blades have no traces of oil and is easy to turn, some wear. Optics are fairly clean considering it's age, Some dust and micro scratches. Dent in sunhood and dent in lens board ring. 6 centimeter high.l. The size of the camera is 6.5 x 3 x 3 cm.