Leica Summicron 2.0/50mm screw mount silver chrome type 1999 (rare and as new)

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In 1999, responding to requests from customers who hadn't seen any new screw mount lenses from Leica since 1960, Leica minted some of these 50mm SUMMICRONs (and some 35mm SUMMICRON-M ASPH) in its traditional M 39 screw mount, also called Leica Thread Mount (LTM).

Leica sold these only in Japan. This chrome lens is made of solid brass, and therefore 34% heavier than the standard black aluminum version.This version is completely compatible with all of Leica's traditional cameras made from 1932 through 1960. With a simple adapter ring, it's also perfectly compatible with all Leica M cameras.


This super rare Summicron 2.0/50mm with built in hood has probably never been used. It is as new in every aspect and comes with the instructions and the warranty card in the leather pouch in the original box with matching number.