Hasselblad 500ELM with Distagon 3,5/60mm T* and A12 film back

Price: € 575,00 each Brand: HasselbladHasselblad

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The Hasselblad Distagon 3.5/60mm lens has number 5858816. The A12 film back has number RV3202140. This Hasselblad 500ELM camera comes with the original charger.
This set has average traces of use. No dents or deep scratches. The waist level finder has some more traces of use and needs repair. The lens is in better than average condition.
All camera functions work smoothly. The battery is fine. The shutter speeds of the lens seem to be quite accurate.
I can see two tiny dust particles in the lens and minor haze on the rear element. The lens comes with the hood.
This set has been used professionally and is well taken care of. This is a nice user camera.